About B-Quik

The best for your car, the best for you.

This is our working philosophy. At B-Quik, we aim to satisfy each and every customer with only the best products and services for your cars and for you.

Feel confident every time with our service

As experts in services and maintenance for tyres, brake system maintenance, batteries, shock absorbers, car suspension, air conditioning systems, and oil change, B-Quik is the new car lovers’ choices. At all of our branches, we offer full services from professionally trained mechanics who are specialists in their respective fields. Our mechanics are on hand to give you advice, provide services using the latest hi-tech equipment and stock the best quality parts – all at the same price in every single branch.

The best quality products and service standard by skilled, expert mechanics

Tyre maintenance and changing

Changing shock absorbers and suspension system checkup

Wheel checkup, alignment and balancing

Oil and oil filter changing

Electrical system checkup including spark plugs, headlight and fuses

Nitrogen filling for tyres


Change/ repair brake systems

Windshield wipers

Our Operation and Customer Service Guarantee

  • Politely handle the cars and the customers with caution. Seats and steering wheel covered with a protective cloth during each service.
  • Report the problem and advise on repair and how to fix, and provide quotation before any work starts.
  • Inform customers of work details and services by B-Quik. Old parts always returned to customers.
  • Immediately provide customers with explanation in the event of delays or problem occurred during services.
  • Only certified trained professional experts assigned to work on your cars.
  • Quality of work reviewed by skilled, expert mechanics before returning the cars to customers.

B-Quik Service Centers with standard

  • One-stop service stations in the Greater Jakarta Area.
  • Open for service every day from 08.00 am. – 09.00 pm.
  • Quality spare parts in stock for your immediate service.
  • Service and advice from our team of specially trained experts.
  • Wide selections of quality products for you with a standardised price at every branch.
  • All products and after-sale-service guaranteed with extensive warrantees.
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