Motor oil and filter

Warning signs when it's time to change the oil.

Engine oil is an important part of engine operation.   Because it will help maintain normal heat in the engine. not too hot It also prevents engine wear. to keep the engine running at full efficiency Should choose a good engine oil according to the car model or according to the car manual. Therefore, the oil should be changed according to the schedule. which can be observed from the time recorded or number of kilometers It's also noticed in the car's malfunctions, which are warning signs that you should change the oil. 

Function of the filter And why change the oil with the filter?

The function of the oil filter  is “oil filter” by means of providing oil that has been used. penetrates through the filter paper into the core of the filter Then the oil is sent to the parts. inside the engine It traps foreign matter such as soot, small metal fragments and dust. At the filter paper inside the oil filter, there is a device named Bypass Valve or Safety Valve that acts to drain or release through the engine oil to lubricate the parts. inside the engine Without passing through the filter paper when the filter paper becomes clogged until the oil pressure exceeds the pressure of the bypass valve. to prevent engine damage

How to choose engine oil grade?

How to choose engine oil grade for your car, whether it is normal, semi-synthetic and synthetic. B-Quik has a simple trick. Let the car user know the grade of oil that is suitable for your car. Read it now.

What does engine oil do? 

Engine lubricant or commonly known as Lubricating oil or engine oil It is like the heart of a car, which is like a maintenance of the entire engine system. Engine oil consists of two important parts: base oil and quality additives Has the function of lubricating to reduce friction. cooling It washes away dirt and helps to prevent wear on the engine components while burning.

Semi-Synthetic Oil

How is semi-synthetic engine oil different from other engine oils?

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