Brake System

5 Dangerous braking symptoms while driving that should not be overlooked

Brakes are another important part of the top priority. for your car Because if the brakes don't work, then it would be very dangerous for the car and you, which the maintenance of the brake system is important as well. Must be constantly observing for abnormalities and should be checked to be available at all times. Because the use of the brakes, if a slight mistake can be fatal.

Why grind brake discs?

Brake disc grinding is to adjust the surface of the brake disc. Smooth rough grooves or disappear by using the blade of a grinder to scrape the surface of the brake disc to increase the friction value between the brake disc and brake pads, reducing noise, which will result in the brake system working at full capacity.

How important is brake fluid and when should it be replaced?

Brake fluid serves as a medium for transmitting pressure from the upper brake master cylinder to the brake calipers for disc brakes or to the brake pistons for drum brakes

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