Brake System

How important is brake fluid and when should it be replaced?

What are the qualities of a good “brake fluid”?  

1. It is a medium for transmitting power from the brake pedal to the brake system well.

2. Has a suitable viscosity. all temperature range Both hot and cold. 

3. Not harmful to the rubber ball. And metal parts in the brake system. 

4. A good prevent wear of the friction parts Inside the brake system 

5. Has a high boiling point and is difficult to evaporate.  

Factors that cause brake fluid to deteriorate  

The heat is the result of sudden braking. or brake often Under high speed, it will result in the “brake fluid” absorbing the heat. 

If it can"t be drained to other parts in time Brake fluid then evaporates in the brake cylinders. 

Resulting in symptoms of missing brakes - deep brakes - no brakes Also known as “breaking brakes”, 

so the boiling point of “brake fluid” is very important. on the efficiency of the braking system.  

Humidity When moisture gets into the brake fluid, it results in a lower boiling point. and Thailand is classified as a high humidity area. 

Therefore, the brake fluid should be changed. Every 1 year to remove moisture mixed in brake fluid and also to prevent corrosion from rust caused by moisture accumulation in the brake cylinders

 which is the root cause of the brake shoes and eventually leaking  

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