How to take care of tires to make them last longer

Don't want to change tires often, we have advice so you can take care of your tires for a long time.

Tires are important to maintain. 

Because the tires will help the car to drive normally. It also helps prevent danger while driving as well. Tires are the part that helps to hold the road in place. Prevent the car from slipping off the road However, when the tires are used, they will wear and tear. according to distance and duration of use and reduce the efficiency of the tire If your car turns or runs on wet roads as bad as before. longer braking distance or more vibration May need to be fixed by swapping tires, balancing the wheels or setting the center. Or maybe it"s time to change a new tire. The better we maintain it, the safer we are to operate the car. It also helps to reduce the cost of tire replacement or maintenance as well. If you overlook this importance, it may cause an accident.

1. Regularly check the tire tread.

The tread indicates its service life. when it has been used for a while The tread will be worn by use. You can check the tread depth by yourself as follows.

• Measured from the tread depth gauge. which is designed to be clearly visible when the tread is worn The minimum tread depth should be between 2-3 mm, if less. Should change new tires for safe driving.
• View from the rubber bridge. Every tire tread area has a rubber bridge. If the tread is worn to the rubber bridge Shows that it"s time to change a new set of tires.

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