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Changing oil

To make sure your vehicle will be functioning at its best, you are required to change your engine oil periodically. At B-Quik we offer 4 different brands of oils to make sure we can give your car the right oil. At your convenience, B-Quik offers full-service packages which include 4 Liters of oil, new Oil filter, Engine flush, a Safety Check and a Disinfection service for your vehicle. You can also choose for a regular service package which excludes the Engine flush. And of course, we offer bottles of Oil with 1 Liter or 4 Liters.

Why change you oil at B-Quik?

B-Quik offers a service package starting from Rp 469.000 and we have monthly promotions which can get you serviced even cheaper. During this service we will change your oil and oil filter and make sure your old oil will be disposed of in an environmental matter. You can easily purchase and book a service in our website and choose the most convenient time and location.

How often do I replace my oil?

This depends on multiple factors, and we suggest to follow your vehicles instruction book to make sure. This is often displayed in kilometers driven, but if you live in a city like Jakarta with a lot of traffic jams, we suggest a service every 3-6 months depending on how often the vehicle is used.

Why can prices vary per car?

Cars with a small engine need different types and less oil than cars with bigger engines. Our service package prices come with 4 Liters included, but if you have a car with a bigger engine there might be extra oil needed which can increase the cost of your service.

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